Move my site from hostgator to Amazon cloud

Hello my name is Juan, i have a web forum and I would like to move my site from hostgator to Amazon cloud. I wonder if there is a script to do this automatically. Sorry for my English.

HG runs cPanel. Do you have cPanel on your Amazon EC2 yet? If not, I doubt there is an automated script. You will need to move manually.

True , Amazon does not uses Cpanel, so you will have to do all the work manual. Try SCP to get it done faster.

You want to move your site from Hostgator to Amazone, so for that you should concerned to the webmaster. No such script available to move your site from one server to another.

Honest and direct response: Unfortunately if you have to ask, AWS will probably be beyond your current abilities. Stick with HG for the moment, you’ll be happier there. Just make sure you take off-line backups regularly to safeguard yourself.