Easy Transition to Amazon?

So I have over 100 sites across several hosts. All are on cpanel. Say I wanted to close one reseller account, and move the hosting to Amazon. Is there any easy way to do it without spending lots of money or time?


Unless of course you own a cPanel licence and plan to use cPanel on AWS too.

I’d agree. It’s also much better to take your time and ensure every site is working perfectly rather than trying to speed up the process.


If you install a cPanel webserver image on AWS you could just run it like any other cPanel server which would make it fairly simple to move everything over. Having transferred over 100,000 cPanel accounts in the last two years I’ve got a lot of experience with it so if you want any advice let me know.

If you want to go with a regular server (i.e. not cPanel) then you’d definitely be asking for more trouble than it’s worth, imho.