Most users online ever!

Check this out! More than 10k forum members online at once. That’s huge.

Funny how that’s been going up and up of late … although isn’t that number mostly made up of guests, rather than actual members?


Still, it is amazing how the number has continued to climb of late. That figure was stuck on about 4000 and something for a couple of years, and has been jumping by thousands regularly since the latest redesign.

Yeah, that is a bit suspicious.

Ps way to burst my bubble!

Hehe, I didn’t mean to. I was quite impressed by it, but I have no idea what’s behind it. There’s obviously a big gap between online visitors and logged in users, but that’s OK, as there are thousands of useful threads that I’m sure people are happy to read without logging in. Are there any obvious stats to suggest where those visitors are coming from?