Money from blogging, what items you buy the first time

let’s share:):):slight_smile:

I think I would buy a new computer, or if it needs an upgrade that’s the first thing I’ll do. Since my computer is the tool I use to earn good money then I would need a better computer for that. The rest of my earnings I’ll spend for my family or anything they like.

i liked to buy a PSP. i love that device.

I might purchase a Laptop as it very portable and also we can work from anywhere… then will think of something other to buy

I will save it until I can buy my new laptop. Since my laptop is not in good condition.

Well, I would like to replace my laptop with new oneee…or may be going on some vacations.

i would like to buy a new laptop for my internet used.

I bought couple of 250gb portable hard drives with my first check.

computer and also internet connection. haha

since of renting in nearest internet cafe in our place

Well I want to get a LCD tv…:smiley:

I would like to buy an Iphone… :smiley:

I would like to buy e71, it easy to check my email everyday :slight_smile:

I just had bought new DVD player to my TV.

My first earning from blogging was spent in paying my credit card bill.

I bought a chat service from my website . That investment made me earn more money :slight_smile: