Monetized a domain

Hi, i have a domain which is very specific to a very popular (country dependent) type of fishing.

Question is what to do with it?

I have toyed with the idea of creating an amazon affiliate site, but the last solution i last tried was not very good, so it has sat idle for a while.

Currently the solutions now available for amazon affiliate site are much better, but there is also the option of creating a multi-vendor website.

Carp fishing attracts many startups companies with new products, there are of course many small bricks and mortar fishing tackle shops around plus the big players in the carp tackle world.

Both amazon and ebay have very active carp tackle sections, including the big companies.

If I went this route I would be looking create a niche hub site for carp tackle for small and medium companies supplying carp tackle with a selling point it being cheaper than ebay or amazon to sell on.

I would not be targeting individuals selling their tackle as this very well served by other sites and forum sales sections.

The problem i see with multi-vendor is the chicken and egg scenario, to attract vendors you need buyers!

Even if i offer free sales for x amount of time, there is still the time the vendor would need to invest in adding products and a willingness to do this.

Nether option is easy and will require a lot work on my part, though with an affiliate site I will have full control of products listed and so will be ensure the site is not empty.

I have been looking at Dokan as a possible multi vendor site solution, problem is that their success story sites either no longer exist, or have very few vendor on them and most have empty or closed vendor stores.

I think the multi vendor site has better earning potential if successful, but will require huge investment in time and resources to generate traffic and get vendors onboard.

Any thoughts?


I think affiliate will be a better option here because it will be easy giving reviews than to convince vendors and after that you will have to build customer trust to spend on your site… so I think its better to start off with affiliate

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Affiliate is good option to monetize this type of site. You can also look for direct advertising if you have good traffic.

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