Builiding nich amazon affiliate sites

Hi, i have number of domains that are keyword rich for niche hobby.

I have started building one site, but have couple of questions.

Is it a good idea to market the site as being powered by amazon as they are eventually going find this out. or hide this fact till they check out?

The subject of sites is niche fishing, which of course mean boys and their toys, plus lot of repeat purchase for bait. The question is do i populate the site with as many relevant products as as possible, or do just choose high value and best sellers?

I have enough keyword rich domains to do both strategies.


So you’re asking if you should lie and tell your customers that your site is powered by Amazon?

And whether to do tons of products or just high sellers.

  1. Don’t false advertise.
  2. If there’s a clear divide between high sellers and low, you might want to stick with what makes money. If you think you can do both, and be relatively successful ROI-wise, return on the time invested, anyway, then do both.

First of all, you shouldn’t set too much store bythe fact that you own “keyword rich domains”. I assume that what you refer to as a “keyword rich domain” is a domain name that contains some of the keywords that you are targeting. One reason I would hesitate about such names is that Google is not giving as much weighting to them as they once did. In fact, if the domain name contains all keywords and nothing to indicate your company name or branding, Google might take that as a negative.

The other reason is more important. Just because you own a suitable domain name, that doesn’t mean your business idea is any more likely to succeed. You still need to do some basic research and planning, to ensure that there is a market for the products you are promoting, and that your income from affiliate sales will justfify the cost and effort involved in setting up the site. The existence of the domain names is only a very small factor to take into account.

To turn to your main question, what do you mean by “powered by Amazon”? My first thought would be that you are using Amazon’s web or cloud services in some way to drive the site. But, given the title of this thread, do you simply mean that it is an Amazon affililate site? If so, it is misleading to say that it is “powered” by Amazon. Perhaps what you are asking is whether you should promote the fact that the products you are advertising are in fact supplied by Amazon. If so, that could indeed be an advantage - given that Amazon is generally perceived as a trust-worthy company - but how strongly you want to promote that fact is up to you.

Finally, I wouldn’t rely too much on repeat sales fo things like bait. Your customers might well return to Amazon to buy such things, but they are more likely to go there on their own, rather than via your site. At least, that’s my guess. It’s something you will have to find out for yourself.


Thanks for replies.

The site is an amazon affiliate site, it is currently being built and in the about page i do declare that the products are sourced from amazon, personally i think this is a good thing and in no way wish to lie to users. Was just asking so to be clear.

The site is for fishing tackle, but tackle that is specific to one fish. On amazon this is just bundled up with all fishing tackle, my aim is to take the products on amazon and create appropriate categories on my site so as to make it easier for users to find products.

I am aware that user may well just go to amazon, but with the net they may go to other online shops as well.

Fishing is very much a hobby past time that requires repeat purchases and encourages must have purchases as opposed to need purchases.

I have these domains, i have my own server so it is just time that i am risking.

I have the one domain that i will put a wide range of products on, i have other domains that relate directly to specific tackle items. These will have more targeted products.

I plan to add articles to all sites to enhance user experience.

I have nothing to loose so think it is worth the effort.

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