Okay, so what now, a little advice

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I’ve run some google ads campaigns in the past, but the site I’m looking to promote isn’t really something you can or would want to use this kind of advertising for.

Basically the site (which you can see at www.startstop.me, is a place for people to see their productivity stats (if they like), or lots of other stats, like iTunes, Minecraft etc. So I’m looking to inform users who don’t know they might need this site, rather than those that already do and are looking for it.

I’ve looked at PRWEB and some posts on here, and that doesn’t look like the right approach… but it sounds like it’s in the right direction.

Any pointers? I don’t mind spending money, but I don’t want to spend zillions of pounds as the site doesn’t generate any revenue… Although obviously the idea is to use unobtrusive ads at some point.

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Being this is an original idea (as far as my knowledge is concerned), you might want to start off with a more organic approach. Get some credible users to champion the productivity tool.

For example, you could create a facebook fanpage and do some light PPC testing through their ads program. That way you can target the traffic and then explore different verticals as your fanpage (and site) generates attention. Maybe start by targeting MMO gamers and encourage them to test the tool, adopt it, and then share with their peers.

If the site/tool gains enough popularity, you can then monetize the tool itself via a subscription program, freemium deal, etc.

Its a little confusing because I have never seen a site like this. I would show an exact example of someones stats, so people can see what it is like. Also what about market to gamblers, so they can see where they make the most money.