Model – View – View Model (MVVM)

I do not understand Model – View – View Model (MVVM).

The model part is the data, usually a database, correct?

The view is the UI, such as the windows.

The view model is the processing of the view, such as what Microsoft calls code-behind.

Since the view and the view model is explicit and separate parts then why is there not a database as well as the database model? Well I understand that MVVM originated in Microsoft and in Microsoft Entity Framework would provide the model. And most professional applications would use an ORM of some type. Therefore I can understand why there is only a need for a data model but theoretically it seems inconsistent to call the data model a model but the view model a model also.

And none of those indicate processing. Where does the processing occur?

Should it be something such as Data - Data Model - Processing - View Model - View?