MVC model

Hello webmasters,

I wanna to know about the MVC model & why it is used in dot net development. If any one have knowledge (practical), plz share with me.


MVC is a software pattern designed around 3 core concepts: Models, Views and Controllers. Models are used for your database management, views are for your output and controllers are the go between managing your data. There’s many tutorials out there that explain this concept better than me; Wikipedia’s entry:–view–controller

Yup that is right …there the some MVC php frameworks


MVC model helps programmers to provides separation of code. Apart from this it also give better support for test-driven development (TDD). To quickly learn more aspects of MVC model, you need to start previous or new .net projects through this model. You become familiar with benefits of this model. To clear intial doubts you need to start reading ,


Apart from it you will also need to read tutorial of MVC from The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site.

M for Model- There is Model folder which include the Classes and set of data. It also defines the business logic and all manipulation is done in model.
V for View- View is all about to displaying the data. It provides the (UI) user interface.
C for Controller - It acts as a coordinator between model and view. It control the whole application. Means the flow of all application.