Mobile sms from website

can i send 100 user message at a time from my website to on user mobile ,
what i have to do for providing free sms and message from website, please someone assist me because i m getting frushtrate

Everything depends on the mobile service provider you use. Some allow sending sms as emails to (very old technique), some allow sending messages from their site only and you can not use that form to send messages from your site. Or you may need a cellphone connected to your server with the required software installed to send messages using this phone. Or you have to sign an agreement with the operator to be able to do that.

I am sure someone on the forum will give you even more ideas but everything depends on your mobile operator.


Sign up with a provider who has an API for sending, you buy credits in advance with them. Clickatell for example does it, I think there is a free trial of 10 credits when you sign up.

Unfortunately the day of free sms via the internet are gone. As the above poster says you must now sign up to a commercial service and buy credits.