How to send sms?

I want to develop a website where in on clicking a particular category i get random 3 or 5 sms of offers in that category.

I am totally new to PHP so can anyone please guide me or tell me or provide me with there reference which can help me learn php nd also how helps me to learn how to send sms.

I would like to send sms using a sms gateway so wat all i required nd how to start with please help me…???

So you’re looking to start with PHP, you managed to find out that SMS is sent via SMS gateway and you think you’ll obtain better results asking in a forum rather than using google or similar search engine?

See the mistake in your assumption? :slight_smile:

There is always difference in thinking of individual…I tried searching and indeed found many links that can provide some reference but i am a total novoice and havent come across any such reference site that tells how exactly to start and what are the prerequisite or havent came across a script for a fresher like me…

I dont want to be spoon feeded but a healthy guidance will work…:)))

Well I doubt there are many how to PHP (oh and we’ll teach you SMS along the way!) type tutorials. However SMS with PHP is actually fairly simple, so I say go out there and learn some basic PHP, get your own localhost setup if you choose, and then look up some tutorials, a new one just came out on nettuts which looks promising:

The final PHP part is less than 20 lines, with a lot of html to make the form pretty. Just a bunch of form checking and using the mail() function to run it. So learn some beginning PHP and then give it a go.