Mobile payment solution with USSD/TEL

Hi all,
I want to develop an API that is a third-party application of a social network application. On the social network application, to subscribe, the user will enter in a text box a USSD number of the type “* number1 * AmountToPay”. After validating this number, for example by clicking on the “Send” button on the social network application, the TEL protocol will be activated, and the mobile payment application that is installed on my phone will be called and send me SMS saying that user XXX has made a payment of an “AmountToPay”.

Are there developers who have already developed this kind of mobile application? Do I understood very well the principle of USSD + protocol TEl principle? Is the USSD number own by the mobile phone operator that is owning as well a SMS payment service, or is the USSD number a number that I need to acquire? Thanks in advance.

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