UK T-Mobile SMS Gateway?

I am trying to do this tutorial:

I want to send a SMS to a T-Mobile mobile which is in the UK.

This form I am making is for a restaurant so basically when a customer fills in the form the restaurant will get a text message saying someone has made an order.

Right now the tutorail tells me to refer to this page to find the providers Email to SMS Gateway code:

I dont see T-Mobile UK and I have done some google searching but with no luck…

This is the line of code I need to edit correctly:

$to = ‘’; //add phone number as email here

any ideas what the would be for T-Mobile uk??

If anyone knows a better tutorial then please point me in the right direction. I am also looking to modify this form so it puts all entries into a database.

I can receive the form submissions in my gmail inbox but my mobile does not get a text message… Any ideas?
I am using $to = ‘’; //add phone number as email here is supposed to be the T-Mobile uk sms gateway?

I found this info
United Kingdom T-Mobile (former One 2 One)
User ID: user
Password: one2one
WAP Gateway IP:
MMS Server URL:

$to = ‘’; //add phone number as email here

999999 = my mobile number

I have replaced with all the options from the list above and none of them send a text to my mobile

Hmm, Im going to add this to my backend for my business. Im using t-mobile also. I will look for uk t-mobile info a lil for you also. Ill let you know how it goes


I haven’t read through the tutorial above, but It would appear you’re trying to send an sms to a uk mobile for free … which isn’t possible (in the states where this tutorial was written it’s possible to send sms which will be charged to the end user, but in the uk the originator of the message must be billable).
I’d recommend you use an sms gateway api as provided by e.g clickatell/clicksms etc and pay for the unit charges per sms.

grim. I was hoping this would work for free. I dont want to spend money… I guess you gotta spend money to make money in this case… Thanks for the info.

I hope this will help you

If you decide to use an SMS gateway, you can have a look at Ozeki software. ozekisms dot com
I implemented it in a small business for sending SMSs, the expense was not so very high, I pay per SMS on sim in the I GSM modem. You can use it with IP connection too, the capacity can be this way higher.

reading this page:

can you change the recipient field to a fixed mobile number so all texts submitted go to a mobile?

so does this control the delivery of SMS and MMS content?

Yes, you can change sender address, recipient address and message data. This page gives you instructions:
You have to configure it in the outbound routing table.

If you want to prevent your customers to send messages to certain destinations, you have to setup a “dummy service provider connection”. For this purpose an HTTP server SMS service provider connection is a good choice. After this connection is setup, you should add a new rule to the outbound routing table, that will route messages with the defined prefix to this dummy service provider connection. This way messages, that are destined for the defined destination, will not go to your normal SMS service provider connection. Instead they will be routed to this dummy connection and they will be dropped.

To specify the prefix, when you create the new rule in the outbound routing table, you should define Condition 2 (Recipient phone number). This condition should match be a regular expression, that matches your telephone number prefix. For example if you wish to prevent messages to be sent to prefix 123, put the following pattern into the field: /123.*/.

We used to use ‘free’ gateways but found them too unreliable. We now have our own SMS gateway, which allows us to send and receive text messages by email. The sms gateway converts the email into SMS and sends it directly to the mobile network using it’s built in wireless link. Very easy to install and setup. Low cost to run because we just got an extra SIM card on our account, with a bundle of free messages.

The box is OutboxSMS from Felltech Ltd.