Mobile app development with PHP


I have a multi page LAMP stack web site which I would like to make an app from. I am a little overwhelmed by the choices and options. I am beginner and my languages are HTML vanilla PHP and JavaScript. Is it possible to build a web app (Android / Apple IOS) just using these languages?

Do I need to learn Java? How about Angular and React and make it into a single page app?

I want the quickest easiest route to launch and the best scenario would be to just used my LAMP stack. Any thoughts on a good way to approach this? Is there a way of building a mobile app with my LAMP stack?

At this point, PHP cannot work in an app because the mobile device has no server. You’ll need to put the PHP on a server and create code that parses it for the app.

It depends on the type of app you are talking about. A “web-app”, as in one that sends and receives data from a sever via the web, may well utilise PHP on the server side, so PHP could play a part in some apps.
But of course much of the interaction in many apps happens on the client side, so client side languages will play a big part.

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