App service suggestions

Hello, i am new in the mobile development world. We have an idea with for custom but simple business logic. I am searching for the best frameworks that could help us to reach our goal as fast as possbile.
Parts of the project features are:

  • User authenticaiton
  • Communication with db on web server
  • Integration with a Location Service (eg forsquare, google maps )
  • Support of transactions with a payment gateway (braintree, paypal)

We are looking for solutions for iOS & Adnroid.

Any suggestions are welcome.



I am not really sure what the question is that you are asking. A web / RESTful service will need to be developed in what ever language you want. Python,, PHP, etc

If you want to build for iOS and Android without code duplication on the mobile device, then one option would be to create the app with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and use Cordova or PhoneGap to wrap the code and output the right file for those platforms.

If you need to interact with a database, you’ll need to integrate XHR and JSON. What is your current skillset?

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