Mini SEO

Hello All

Recently there was a new trend in SEO called mini SEO , placing our business in Google places , even if we won’t have Website

whether this is true , without website how can we make our business be first in Google places ?

I am aware of the fact that on Google Maps, you can very well be located on local searches for specific cities or towns. It carries all your business details and also, its true that you don’t need to have a website.

Giving away my secret sauce recipe here, but this information is available for anyone who searches for it:

  1. Claiming your Google Place Page/Local Listing
  2. Have a Business Address in the City that is Being Searched
  3. Associate Your Google Place Page with the Proper Categories
  4. Put Your Product/Service Keyword in Your Place Page Business Title
  5. Proximity of Your Address to the Searched City’s Centroid
  6. Product/Service Keywords in your Google Place Pages Description
  7. Associating Photos with your Google Place Page
  8. Associating Local Area Code with your Primary Place Page Phone Number
  9. Associating Place Page with Marginally Related Categories
  10. Location Keyword in Place Pages Business Title

I don’t like the term “Mini SEO” - I prefer “Local SEO”.

If you want a pretty definitive source of information, it’s hard to go past this: