Could anyone please guide me how to optimize places on google?

Hey friends could anyone please help me how can i optimize my business <snip> on google places? i need full instructions if you have any pdf file that will be appriciated. Thanks

Optimize your business’s title – Your title in Google Places should be your business name, and possibly include some reference of your location. For instance, if you own a franchised business, including a location keyword is important to distinguish yourself against other area franchisees.

Include keywords in your Places page description – Write a brief and concise description of your business, and be sure to include a keyword or two from the last step (don’t go overboard adding keywords, though.)
Choose a few appropriate categories – Choosing the right categories is important, and you can include up to five – but only include categories that are actually relevant to your business.
Make your Places page as complete as possible – It’s generally thought that more complete Places pages have an edge over less complete pages in the eyes of the search engines. Photos, videos, links to your social media profiles, hours and additional information can help to make your Places page more engaging and appealing to users, too

Hey thanks for the information but was wondering if i will had to place links of google places or my website on social media profiles?

Yes, you can add a Google places link for people to come over a give a review on your website.

You can mention this in the contact details as well as do this on social media websites like fb and twitter.

You can run contests on your website wherever who will give a review will get 10% off or something like that from your website.

hey thanks for this great idea i will surely think about it… :slight_smile: