Migrating web sites between hosts

I’ve got two jobs where I need to migrate existing live sites between hosts. One is to BlueHost and the other to DreamHost (from other host companies - not between the two).

I know with BlueHost that you have to enter your domain name before you can set up an account, which is crazy if your domain is still pointing to the old host, which is live. Can someone tell me the if the story for DreamHost is the same?

Also, can you set up email accounts (ie configure pre-live) before pointing the domain or are all of these things reliant on the domain being pointed to the new account from the get-go.

Appreciate any experiences and workarounds on this topic.

I’d contact them and see what they can do for you. I’m with Bluehost and their support is fantastic (most of the time.)

I’m familiar with BlueHost and yes their support is OK. They require the new account is linked to a domain, which is my issue.

Unfortunately, DreamHost support is woeful, especially if you don’t have an account, which is my dilemma.

Get the site owner to add you to their account - they should be able to restrict your access if they are worried about what you might see.

That’s interesting - I don’t know there was granular access available. I’ll get details from him next week.

That doesn’t mean you have to change where the domain points to until you are ready - they just need to know what domain you intend to have as the main domain on the hosting so they can configure it to work once you point the domain to their hosting.

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