Migrating from Asp.Net to PHP

I been working on Asp.Net/MS SQL for some years now & now planning to move to PHP.
Ive read up some PHP Introduction tutorials, installed MYSQL , & got PHP 5.3.6 started up on IIS. To get started, I got to build up a basic E Commerce site.

If you have moved from Asp.Net to PHP, May be you could know

The equivalent/alternate way of handling page events (page_load,click events , selected index changed events ) in PHP
The equivalent of controls (Data grid/Tree-view) . I guess i can do this by looping to build the structure , but is there anything to make life easier ?
Handling view-state in PHP.
How to have a separation of HTML & Code. It’ll be great to have separate class files/dll but I might think about that when i get the basics right.
Most of the tutorials i went through had echo placed randomly throughout the page which while gets the work done feels difficult to maintain.

Any information or links about this is highly appreciated.

Well…there is no direct migration to the concepts you learned with ASP.NET. There is no Data grid or tree-view like ASP.NET controls. If you are wanting something similar to ASP.NET pick up a framework like Symfony or any other MVC framework. Remember ASP.NET is a framework and not a language on its own. PHP is just a language on its own.

Thanks for your post to let know that PHP is not a framework.
Don’t think I’ll go for learning symfony or other framework, as of now Ill stick with the language & go for framework if I realize there’s a demand for those in the job market.

I’m doing much better with PHP than when I started 4 days ago but also facing problems to do things without a framework.
I’d still like to know how people who moved from Asp.Net to PHP managed the problems.