PHP or ASP.NET for web applications

Hi Sitepoint community

I want to look at creating web based applications for the company i work for. When i first started looking at what language to learn i decided to go for PHP because i had read it was easy to learn (i am a complete beginner at programming so i needed something easy to learn quickly). I recently spoke to a web design company for a project my marketing team are doing and they said they do all their programming in using C#. I did a bit of research and found that people are saying to use ASP.NET to build web based applications instead of PHP, so i thought great i have wasted all this time learning PHP (well as far as i have got up to - learning the Create part of CRUD for a CMS).
I work for a medium sized business where we don’t use SQL databases (well at the moment anyway) so i am not pushed in either direction (PHP or ASP.NET) so i would have to learn either from the very beginning. The first application i have in mind isn’t going to be that big to start off with (a data entry application with data sorting filters and logical expressions like IF ELSE statements for data display) but they will grow in time (sorry the explanation is so vague). As i gain more experience i will look at creating bigger and more complex applications so i would like to know should i stop learning PHP and move onto ASP.NET and C# or will PHP cover my needs because I only want to create web based applications?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

It doesn’t truly matter what you learn. All programming languages share the same foundations the same logic the rest is just syntax.

I suggest you go with php , It is much faster , Well documented , Take a look at the huge websites like facebook , It is written basically with php , Also it is easier to learn and less complicated , That is my opinion :slight_smile:

Well if PHP can handle sites like Facebook (which i didn’t know) it will definitely handle my web applications. Thank you both for your help.