Migrated wordpress site - get white screen of death

HI Folks,

I’ve recently moved hosts and the address of my wp site - now I just get a blank screen. I have done the following:

  1. copied file structure on new server
  2. Recreated Db
  3. Changed values in db using search and replace tool.
  4. renamed plugin folder.

Still no joy…Can anyone please help?



If you view the link above, it shows the first few lines of the page, before it breaks, is this a theme issue?

I’ve tried to rename each theme but still no joy.

Any help much appreciated

Which “search and replace tool” did you use? The one recommended by Wordpress? And why did you rename the plugin folder?

You followed the instructions here?


When Your Domain Name or URLs Change

When your domain name or URLs change - i.e. from http://example.com/blog to http://example.com, or http://example.com to http://newexample.com - there are additional concerns. The files and database can be moved, however references to the old domain name or location will remain in the database, and that can cause issues with links or theme display.

If you do a search and replace on your entire database to change the URLs, you can cause issues with data serialization, due to the fact that some themes and widgets store values with the length of your URL marked. When this changes, things break.

Verify that all the values in wp-config.php are correct. If you are getting blank screens, I assume you cannot log in to the admin panel to change the domain/URL settings. Can you? If you can, disable all plugins. Disable any permalinks you might be using for now.

If it still doesn’t work, then you will have to do the tried and true method of seeing how far you get before trouble starts. Open a file, put in a PHP echo statement stating “I made it this far.” and if that doesn’t get output you know the trouble is higher up.

I just checked your site again after I replied and I see you are making progress. You are getting your header output and some of your HTML is starting to show.

When you get it figured out, stop back and let us know what you did to solve the problem so others may learn from this.

Thanks for the replies folks.

I’ve disabled all the plugins, still can’t access the wp-admin.

The search and replace tool was from the moving wordpress support page.

Anyone know how I can access wp-admin?

Thanks again

Also I have no wp option table. Is that right?

The tables I have are:

wp blog
wp blog versions
wp domain mapping
wp domain mapping logins
wp registraion
wp signups
wp site
wp sitecategories
wp sitemeta
wp usermeta
wp users

Also, is there a way to tell what tables wordpress uses?

I’ve inherited this site, and there are lots of tables - so I’m not sure what does what.

This may or may not help, but when I move a site, I usually export the data from the old WordPress site, do a new clean install and import the data back in. I then copy the wp-content folder from the old site to the new site.

You may still have to update the database, but it at least helps get everything else moved.

A default installation of the most recent version of Wordpress (3.4.2) has the following tables:


Looking at your table names it looks like you are using Wordpress Multi-User (Multisite), which is a different matter than the basic Wordpress. Best to head over to the Wordpress Multisite Support Forum if you haven’t already. If you don’t need to run a Mutlisite Wordpress, perhaps you can convert to the basic single Wordpress setup.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll do that - thanks again.

A white screen usually indicates that there is an error of some sort. By default, errors are hidden.

To show them, you will have to enable debugging: http://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress

In short, open up your wp-config.php file and set the defined variable WP_DEBUG to true.