Site transfer redirects to old site

This might be better on the CMS/Wordpress forum, but I’m trying here first. I’m migrating a site from the regular HTML/CSS to Wordpress and after I was almost finished, it was decided we should upgrade the hosting plan.

I stayed with the same host, but the upgrade involved setting up a new plan under and I have to transfer all the content myself. The old/current content was an easy upload via FTP and I also transferred the core Wordpress files the same. I haven’t transferred database content before, but got it figured out through this and other sites.

However, now when I go to the Wordpress section on the temp page, it redirects me to the current/old account. Therefore, I can’t see if the database transfer even worked. Is there a way around this, or do I need to start from scratch again? If so, what did I do wrong?

The URL of the test site is also temporary and is like When I’m finished transferring everything and am ready to close the old plan, it’s supposed to go back to the regular address.


It sounds like you simply transferred your WP files intact to the new domain WITHOUT UPDATING THE LOCATION IN THE WP CONFIG FILE. Okay, I’ve been too long away from WP to give the actual name of the file but it should be available in your WP control panel (it may also be within the database so COPY the old database to the new database).



Thanks dklynn, that is correct. I have now switched hosts around so that the new plan now has the same address and all is good.

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