Middleware conundrum, Angular or Laravel or none

Im building an app in Angular that will (via nativescript) be rolled out to multiple devices, mainly mobiles.

The app will provide updates, scheduling and safety information. The app will also allow users to feed real time data back to the databse.
The structure will be -

An Elasticsearch backend, which contains weather, news, schedules etc
An Angular2 App

Im debating putting authorisation through Firebase.

There will also be a wordpress multisite, which will feed content into Elastic which will then be pushed to the angular app.

(I have no decision on how the push/alerting will work yet.)

There will also be a dashboard which will allow us to keep an overview of live activity.

Where im struggling is the relationship between Elastic and the App. As this is a non commercial community project then overheads need to be low, so we are using the OS version of Elastic. This will mean no secuirty from X-pack.

My first thought was to build a middleware app in Laravel that communicates with Elastic, does the scheduling, alerting etc as well as in the future providing a front end for the WP multisite. But I need to learn Laravel!

Im already on a learning curve learning Elastic and Angular, but I was wondering, would it just be better to build the middleware with a seperate Angular app? Or am I right in using Laravel to build a middleware layer that will protect Elastic and provide the contact point for my app to talk to it.

Any thoughts on this greatly appreciated, I would like to get this planned properly before starting.

I think that’s right, you can build a web service API in PHP (Laravel or else) that will feed the data to your application.

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