Combine AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS and PHP5?

I’am newer in PHP development.I have a question please,Is there any way to create a web application with AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS3 as front end, and NodeJS as back end ,and PHP5 as a the restful web service?
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Hi kindia,

Using Angular/HTML5/CSS3 for the front-end is a pretty popular combination, but I’m not sure what you mean by this:

What would be your reason for wanting to use Node and PHP on the back-end?

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In a new web application you would only need to use Noe or PHP. They are both capable of the same things. Any server-side technology for that matter would do putting aside how one or the other were a better fit for a specific business purpose. I’m in the process of building something similar and am using Laravel 5 as a service layer with Angular as the client.

Either way since your building a REST service layer this is something you outta check out for using on the Angular end to communicate with it. I was SOOO happy when I found this.

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thanks fretburner and oddz for replies,in fact,as I have read from many articles,that NodeJS is used for real time applications,and it’s a javascript server,but I will use PHP for database opérations from any client(web+mobile =>2 parts of my project) that’s why I thought to use them :smile:

I haven’t done much work with Node JS outside using it for front-end library dependencies. However, from my understanding when it comes to web applications Node JS prospers in environments where realtime interaction between multiple clients is necessary such as; chat applications. In my opinion node js is an overkill for most web sites and applications. This is especially true when employees lack familiarity with it as opposed to some other language like PHP which is more than appropriate to handle most projects out there. That is coming from someone who primarily develops in PHP though I’m sure the Node JS experts would have a different opinion. Though recently our design freelanced a project and it was built in node js and this thing was nothing more than a simple website easily built on the technologies my team are familiarity with. I think it is pretty dumb to build things like that on technologies like node js that most people aren’t familiar unless you have a very good reason to do so and/or the knowledge base.

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Node.js talks to databases just fine and excels at creating restful services, as well as using web sockets.

But it would make sense to split your web socket app and your web app into separate processes… So you could use PHP for the web part if you wanted. I’m actually working on a project now that uses this method, except both are in Node.js and both use the same framework. It’s nice, because my data never has to be translated to something else (like PHP Arrays) and just stays in JSON.

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I apologize if this makes things more complicated, but I did just watch this talk about using WordPress’s upcoming JSON API with Node.

But yeah, you don’t really need PHP + Node on the back-end unless there’s a really good reason. If you’re just starting out, pick one and use that, and once you’ve gotten the hang of one, you can start exploring others and decide which is more appropriate for the application you’re building.


thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

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