MicroSD card corrupted. ANY way to recover data?

Hello. I use a 2GB MicroSD card in one of my portable devices. I use it all the time and generally haven’t have any problems whatsoever. Today when I turned on my device I was greeted with a “SD/TF card error”. When I put the MicroSD card in my card reader Windows didn’t recognize the card.

I think that there is still hope for recovering my data because I am getting a “SD/TF card error” and not a “Couldn’t find the SD/TF card” error, which is what I get when there is no card inserted.

Does anyone have a utility or know of a way to recover information from a possibly corrupt memory card? I do regular backups, but I haven’t backed up in about one week and I don’t feel like searching for, and reinputting several hours worth of data.

I do plan to buy a new card as the old card is garbage, but any help in getting my old data back is greatly appreciated.

Try PhotoRec


You can recover your memory card data with recovery softwares, Try stellar phoenix photo recovery software to recover your data from memory card. This software software mostly memory cards.


The trial shows you if it’s recoverable. You’ll have to purchase it to actually recover the data. But, it’s a reasonable price.

Use PC Inspector Smart Recovery