Methods of Making Your Site Useful And Viral?


I am trying to develop a method of making my site both highly useful and viral. These are the ideas I have come with so far:

  • Allow people to raise questionaires which they email to their customers to research the market. (My visitors customers is exposed to my site)
  • A user can create a text based puzzle game on my site which they email to a friend for them to answer the puzzle.
  • Someone answers a quiz, if they get a high score they are considered an expert which they show off to their friends or colleagues.

Any other suggestions please?

True virality is almost impossible to force and seldom accomplished by finding the easy road. Everything you’ve listed favors spreading but doesn’t feel particularly unique to me [i.e. I can already use one of many services for polls] and I doubt you’ll find the spark idea from asking others, although discussing the ones you have is a great approach.

But really I’d suggest you think less about how to “make something viral” and more about turning what you’re already doing into an easy funnel that lends its self to being shared. If your business is about consumer insights a widget gaining customer data makes sense; if it’s about humor that doesn’t really fit the bill for bringing you useful growth or attention.

what is your site all about? This sounds so generic to me. To be able to get a better success, make it your goal to establish your target audience. Look at the specific details first. Like keywords, it’s too hard to rank on generic terms than those long-tail keywords. Plus, you’ll get a lot of competitors if you’re too generic. Established sites will crash yours down.