How to market this site?

Hi, I have released my new site i4getu (removed link - search via google). It is a free online tool to help you organise your social life. Specifically, it is meant to be used to record details about people you know that you find difficult to remember and so you can quickly bring up when you need to. It’s kind of hard to explain, so I wrote a page on it at the site.

My question is how do I go about marketing something like this? I’ve tried adwords and am working on linking and articles, but its not a content site and all data is kept private so nothing searchable.

As you linked some link at footer on your website you need to track them as well to be successful social networking bring your link from their to your website make it known website

If you can’t explain your website clearly on a forum how do you expect any promotion for it to be successful? I’m completely serious on this; the key to marketing is having something people want… if you can’t explain it, it’s unlikely they will know they want it. Before you worry about tactics let’s build a simple value proposition so you have a message that means something when you go out and promote.

Try explaining the site in say 200 characters or less and we can help from there!

Makes sense :slight_smile: I’m an excellent programmer, I know absolutely nothing about marketing… or what other people want for that matter! If I had to pick a short one liner, I would probably go with:

“i4getu is all about helping you organise your social life and preventing those awkward conversations where you can’t remember things you probably should.”

Unfortunately the best programming rarely works without a clear value… But that’s why we’re here!

Your message is interesting but still a bit wishy washy. You build the site for a reason, a purpose to solve something… and that something is what we’re getting at.

Organizing your social life is boring, what can you do with i4getu that you can’t do anywhere else? That makes your site unique?

“Become everyone’s best friend thanks to i4getu unique features set. With i4getu you can please others by remembering everything about them and feel good about yourself everyday for the rest of your life!”

That doesn’t explain much, hahaha, but as I read somewhere, it’s important to state the benefit of your product so that people can see themselves already using it and what it will change/improve in their life. Once they are interested you can detail the features. That’s what I read anyway, I’m not professional marketer in any way :slight_smile:

You can get your targeted audience if you promote your site on social media like facebook and twitter. There is a good chance for you to get a huge amount of targeted traffic. you can promote your blogs as well on social media. you can go for social bookmarking, directory submission as well that will fetch you a good audience :).

I have found that in the last 6 months i have been using facebook and twitter with some success as well as the normal backlink building.

Thanks for helping out.

Its main purpose is to easily save general notes or discussions you have had with someone, and then find those notes later on when you need them. eg when I’m chatting to someone via instant msg I can copy/paste the whole conversation into the site, or just record specific notes such as Bob likes U2 or Mary’s 2nd baby is due mid feb. Then next time I’m chatting with that person I can bring up their notes and can more easily talk with them. Maybe this is something most people can do easily but I find it very difficult remembering this stuff - which is why I built the site.

As far as it being unique, I don’t know of anything else that does this in such a simple way, online, for free. Sure there are CRM packages out there, but this is meant to be very simple to use and doesnt include a tonne of features that just get in the way and confuse people.

I like it, thanks :slight_smile:

I would try to reach out to people directly that you think are in your target audience. It’s likely that there are a lot of changes that you will need to make to your product based on feedback from early users. Better to get those early users before you embark on an expensive marketing campaign.

Have you tried monitoring Twitter for people talking about things related to your market?

You can also search for people across a variety of discussion sites using Google (example search)

I just want to give you suggestion like do seo for the keywords like Social website, social networking website. You can also run a campaign by using the band names like Facebook and Twitter.

You just share your site with particular social media sites. For that do SEO work both On-Page and Off-Page. Use this and post your content ,page link,video on social media sites it’s automatically increase your site PR in search engines.

Everyone has made some really good points throughout here. Because you can’t really do any SEO for your website, I would concentrate on creating articles, Squidoo pages, Hub Pages etc. and then do SEO for those sites. In those pages you can advertise and promote your main site. This way, you’ll have multiple streams of traffic not from your main site, but from many other sites as well. This will take time and effort but is the best solution to your problem if you can’t do SEO for your main page. Outsourcing these tedious tasks can also speed up the process. Hope this helps!