Message when leaving page/closing browser

I work for an association and we do many conference events. Our web provider has been developing an online registration module for their CMS to make things easier for us. One problem that we have had in the past is that people leave the registration page before completing the registration i.e. select payment method and click ‘next button’. I suggested to use Javascript so that when people try to leave the page/close browser before submitting the form, that they get a message saying that their registration is not yet complete and that they will be invoived for the fee unless they cancel. I have been told that this is not possible to do. Can anyone confirm that?



There are partial solutions that will work for some browsers but there is no solution guaranteed to work across all browsers as to do it relies on proprietary code that only some browsers support. Also not everyone has JavaScript enabled and so a JavaScript solution even if it did work for all browsers would still leave it not working for the group most likely to make that mistake.

If not Javascript any idea on how to handle this issue other than adding text to the form?


A follow up email a few hours later if they started but didn’t finish?