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I have a website I’m working on and ahve created a child theme from OnePress: When the page loads the navigation menu height leave so much white space. If I press Control and F5 it lines up correctly. I am using firefox. How can I make this always load correctly in several browsers? Any assistance would be great. Still learning. I can’t find the 225px in any css or html file so I’m thinking it is relative to the width or some other factor.

Hi there. I’m not able to access your website. I keep getting:

The server at is taking too long to respond.


wow. let me reboot my server and see if it fixes it in about 5 mins. Also I noticed I am only having this problem in Firefox, and the Control F5 no longer fixes the issue in Firefox. It could be my firewall blocking out of US. Let me also add Italy back to allowed.Also unblocked Netherlands as that may be where you’re bouncing in from.

I also can’t load the site from the UK.

Adding UK as well. Im going to have to figure out a server config to allow views. Was having so many hack attempts I blocked all Non-US a few weeks ago.

It’s your inline line-height 225px that is the problem I think. But you have quite a few invalid css elements there.

Edit: That said, I cannot find the inline CSS. Perhaps it is added by JavaScript.

There are a few HTML errors that need correction:

Thanks for checking, yes it shows it’s inline but I can’t find it, even adding a line to the class with line-height didn’t fix it. Thanks for the other tool, I think they are all from the parent them but I will correct them!

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