Menu size issue

Could someone take a look at my page at and tell me what I need to change to have my contactus appear back on the same line as the rest of my menu items…it looks fine on every other page but this one…thanks

On Chrome and Firefox for Mac it looks fine to me. I did notice you have a #pageWrapper with a width of 95% around your lists and within the .menu div. Is that necessary? Maybe that is your problem. You should be able to handle everything in your menus with just the UL and LIs.

Also looks fine on Firefox and Chromium on Linux. Is it a browser cache problem?

Well I ended up changing the font to Time New Roman, now what do I need to change so the menu lines up to the right and the dropdown under contact us is flush to the right

Also when I rollover the menu sections either company, services, etc. the white appears a little too large what do I need to adjust here?


Just float the menu to the right to get it to the right.

For the anchors give then the same height as the list and set the line-height to the same height and the text will be vertically centred without the need for top or bottom padding.

e.g. Additional rules:


#mainMenu li ul{

#mainMenu li a {
padding:0 15px;
#mainMenu li li a{