Issues with Tables

I just got back from designing webpages from a very long hiatus and I am having a hard time recalling everything at once. I have this site located here:

If you will notice, the tables in the navigation area is having problem with the height. I need to make sure the height matches so it will look right.

Could someone please point me to the simple fix for this?

Awesome, thank you for the extra mile. :slight_smile:

Add margin:0; padding: 0; to #nav in your CSS.

PS. I know you didn’t ask for further comments, but all the <p>'s in the menu have id nav, while an id must be unique to a page. You should you the class nav instead, at least for next time you built something like this :wink:
PPS. Tested in firefox, don’t know about other browsers but AFAIK it should work in all of them.