Creating a members area with WordPress

Hi I am building a website based on wordpress, say

Now I also want to add a members area to it,

This area will have a number of pages and also a forum integrated. To access this area users would be required to type in a username and password, which would be the same for everyone (no need to assign each user with a username and password).

What is the best solution for this? My first thought went to using two separate WordPress installations, and password protecting the /members directory containing the second “members-only” WP installation. I would like to know if there is a more efficient solution which would not require two separate WP installations, one possibility might be using WP MU (which I have never used).

Anyone can help in giving some alternatives? Thanks!

Hey GuitarMantra,

I’ve just checked that out, although I’m not looking for a lot of interaction/socialising for visitors this is quite cool overall. I did find this plugin on BuddyPress: s2Member - Read the overview - definitely going to try this option out, perhaps something for the OP to look up also :tup:

Hmm Guitar - I did have a look at MU but it’s a bit limited for me as opposed to the version, it would be good for the member feature perhaps with the multiple blog management feature, maybe I dismissed it too quickly. I’ll have to revisit it when I have time to do that thanks :slight_smile:

guys don’t u know other variants of wordpress?

use either Wordpress mu or buddypress

try buddypress then.
its plugin for wordpress . It can be used to create a social networking site too.

Hi Drtanz,

I had a similiar issue to yourself with regard to creating a Members only area on my “ blogsite”

I have been using WP-Member which works pretty well for me! They also have examples to check out - might be something to consider…
[U][/U] - I asked this question myself a while back :stuck_out_tongue:

The paypal membership was another direction I was looking at also - I did consider the 2 installations also and I will perhaps set this up in time, I’m in the testing stages now before I committ to anything concrete so if you find something else I would be delighted to hear about it :slight_smile:

thanks mizwizzy, what Im trying to create is a very simple students area not a fully blown members area with payment for membership etc. So basically just the normal website and another part of the website which would be hidden to normal users but accessible to students who know about it and know the username and password. I know having one username and password is not secure but in the case security is not a big problem, there would be no harm done if someone manages to sneak in, as the information is not sensitive in nature.