Create a Members Area in Wordpress site-Struggling

Hello all. I am relatively new to Wordpress, and not that hot on coding, but have been getting to grips with WP recently.

I’ve been asked to create a charity site, and am using a child of Twentyelven, it’s viewable in a sub here

I need to make the membership area link and the sub-pages in the menu beneath into an area that needs registering with the site to view, but the rest of the site can be accessed by everyone without registering. I have tried a handful of plugins, but am getting absolutely nowhere with it.

Is there a really simple way of doing this, am I missing a trick or is it actually really, really complicated? I am stumped and really dont know where to start :frowning:

Thanks for reading.



There are a few good membership based plugins for WP out there. Have you tried those? For example here is one:

Different ones have different features but I believe that most of them allow you to lock down one portion or all of a website before someone registers via email.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for your reply! I managed to sort it eventually so will mark this as RESOLVED.

There was quite a lot of hair pulling, but in case anyone else had the same problem I had,here is what I did-

I installed a plugin simply called Members and on the pages I wanted restricting, under the text editor on Page Edit, I selected Admin and Subscriber.

Now, the bit I was missing was, I also installed a plugin called Nice Login Widget. This logs in/registers.

Bingo.Job done

Thanks for your reply Shawn