May shout-out: What is the greatest act of bravery that you have ever witnessed?

I recently watched a friend fight (and sadly, lose) an amazing battle against cancer. She did it with such grace and bravery that it took my breath away at times.

What is the greatest act of bravery that you’ve ever witnessed?

Many brave people live around us. An act of bravery all of us can do, and it is the extreme bravery.

When you are angry to an extent to kill someone, control yourself and control your temperament. Face the situation as normal as you can.

I wish to behave in this manner all in my life.

What is the June shout-out ?

The greatest act of bravery witnessed by me is a person saving a kid from getting drowned in a sea.

I personally didn’t witness it, but my friend had been suffering from extreme depression over her boyfriend breaking up with her and she resorted to hurting herself (slicing wrist, overdosing, etc) and one of my other friends literally stayed with her day and night (stayed up for over 70 hours straight) trying to control her and keep her from hurting herself. Eventually her pure determination inspired my friend to calm down and be as brave as my other friend.

I don’t know if you would classify that as brave, but it was damn impressive and to this day, I revere the effort put in.

When I was much younger I was a paramedic in S. Central Los Angeles. I used to watch firefighters walk into burning buildings. That was the real deal - those guys are brave!

I think your friend is very good,she is brave,and i had that Experience too.When I break up with my boyfriend,I was very sad and could not went to study.But now I am fine !!:wink:

When my husband and I were vacationing in Hawaii three years ago, he took the baby and dropped me off at a cove to have a little alone on the beach time. After I’d scoped out a spot and got my towel, etc. set up, I surveyed the water and saw a scuba diver floating in and out with the tide. I watched for a few minutes and became increasingly convinced that something was wrong. I asked a nearby family that was moving their things away from the diver how long he’d been there. They said he’d been there for awhile so I ran up towards the bathrooms where I’d spotted a worker. She radio-ed for help and we went back to the beach.

By the time we got there, there was a young lady trying to pull the diver, an elderly man, out of the water. She called some of her friends to help her. They got him up enough to where she, being an off-duty nurse, could begin to perform CPR. She continued to perform CPR on the man until the ambulance got there and then she rode with the man’s wife to the hospital. Unfortunately, he did not make it, but I think young lady’s actions were commendable.

I would have to say one of the bravest events that I witnessed personally was my mom running out of the house and lifting the car off of my brother when she heard screaming in the driveway. He had been working on the transmission when the car fell on him, leaving him trapped. My mom was all of 4’11 and maybe 125 lbs at the time. I knew not to mess with my mom anymore! :wink:

I personally witnessed a news channel reporter, who apart from capturing the footage of a accident of a old man by car, he took him to the hospital located around 10 miles away and saved the life of that seriously injured old man at Chennai.

and again the globally witnessed Terrorism, I sincerely salute the brave soldiers who are continuously fighting against the severe terrorism in the world, without even a little bit concern of their lives, just for the sake of tremendous love for the country and humanity. Long Live Bravos…