What are you the most proud of?

What have you done in your life that you consider your greatest achievement? Mine used to be quitting smoking, until I had my kids. Now it’s definitely them.

I ran a half marathon 2 years ago. I would really like to get back into shape in complete another one, maybe even go the full way.

I am proud of standing up for others when they are too overwhelmed, frightened or intimidated to stand up for themselves. I am proud of doing what’s right, even if sometimes I have to face negative consequences.

Whoa, good luck. I reckon a full marathon would destroy every joint in my body!

Now that is truly awesome. Good on you.

Mine I finished my college.

I was diagnosed with an Anxiety disorder when I was in school at about year 9. I had to leave so I never got to stay in school and enjoy it. However I’m proud to say I overcame the anxiety disorder, went to study to get a Diploma in Interactive Digital Media, Started my own web design business.

I would also say my greatest achievement is my daughter who is 18 months old now, shes fantastic and it’s so fun.

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After reading this, any achievement that I may be proud of would look childish and stupid. So I think I’d rather keep my mouth shut! :lol:

Well done @7Designer;

Good on you. That is fantastic. I currently suffer from an anxiety disorder so I know how hard you must have worked. :slight_smile:

I reckon everyone’s battles and achievements are equally important – the context is just different.

Thanks, but I think everyone has a certain struggle or problem they’ve overcome and mine is just one story. You should be proud of all your achievements no matter how big or small they are!

My three boys.

I am proud of my brilliant son…

I am proud for my Parents.

That’s very good. But, your parents are not one of your achievements in life. Is there anything you did that you are proud of?

I’m proud that I am graduating this May. :smiley:

Giving something but not asking in return!

That’s a good thing, actually. And definately an achievement :slight_smile:

Thank you for the compliment Molona.

Mine I finished my college.

I haven’t hurt anybody. Never ever cheated anyone. I am proud of it.

I am proud of where I was born, Vietnam <snip />