Best events in Your Life

Everyone of us surely had been in an extraordinary situation where in we best exhibited our best qualities.

Well, my best experience was when I was 19 years old.

I was on my on-the-job training. There was a team building activity where we had to get across 6 mountains. Yes! 6 of them. We were walking for about 6 hours knowing that we could use a four wheeler vehicle to get across that huge mountains. I really wanted to collapse at that time so that my friends would help me get across. I wanted to be that selfish.

But I thought,… a moment like that was a test of courage and determination.

Luckily, I passed the test. There was a hot spring at the end of the trail. A nice reward for a powerfully unthinkable hardship.

What about you?

Tell us the best moments in your life.

4 best moments in my life:

(In time order)

  1. Flying solo for the first time
  2. Getting married
  3. Birth of my son
  4. Birth of my daughter

My first pregnancy scan - seeing those two little heartbeats.
By far the most amazing moment of my life to date.

I suspect that seeing those two little faces will be the second.

I guess when I received my first salary…it wasn’t much but I know I worked hard for it and I spent it wisely. :slight_smile:

when I was Born…Again…

When I FINALLY get to leave this ridiculous planet!

When I’ve received the books I ordered online lol:D

First Kiss :). Watching romantic movies was worth it!

best events of my life

  1. when I caught my gf cheating on me
  2. when I decided never to believe in love
  3. when I get my hands on any form of booze

Thank you for posting. Everyone is encouraged to post.

when my son was born

when i paid the last bill on my house and knew i could now start to slow down and do more of the things i wanted to do

ever since :smiley:

When I graduated distinguished honor grad at my AIT (MOS training for the military). The best even prior to that was 7 1/2 weeks before when I graduated from Basic Training.

When i got my lil baby boy who is now 2 and half months :slight_smile:

I can relate to your post. I just paid my bills today. And no additional debts
to come i hope…

the moment i fell in love for the first time
the moment i had my first online job

I know what do you mean :wink:

My best moment was when I discovered love for the first time…and I’m sure my next will be exponential better…when I’ll see my first born child:)

My best event in my life was when my daughter was born.

Ill have to say when my son was born as well. Nothing can top that off for me.

I’m sure that’s the highlight for every parent. I’m yet to experience that though.

I’d have to say winning races have been my highlight.

1.being born
2.getting married
3.Having my son
4.Having my daughter