Marketing videos


Recently i read a short article about the most shared marketing videos.
I think that besides the high investment in a the video, it can be a great way to market a website, especially e-commerce site.

What do you think about this phenomenon? Do you use it to market your site/products?

I haven’t made videos myself, but if I want to know how a product works, I do like to have videos to watch. A lot of sites these days have a demo video on their home page, and that often makes the difference between me staying and leaving. So I think they can be great … as long as they are well made.


I think that you’re right. The videos in the sites can contribute a lot to the potentional costumer - they will determine if he will stay or leave the site.
Therefore, it’s important that the videos will be well made.

that right. You can upload videos to youtube, vimeo…, it make traffice and maketing for your’s website.


In my opinion, blog and videos are the things that get traffic on the website, so create and promote the blogs and videos on youtube and tell the targeted audience what’s the new event or product is happened on the website. Best of luck…


You can optimize a targeted keyword at your video through Youtube or other free video service in order to get top ranking at Google. Then your video can get traffic from Google.

Video marketting is new and interesting. I like video but it is difficult to build a good video. It’s so expensive!



about building videos, it really depends on the video you choose to built. if you need regular videos, you can you windows movie maker. you can create easily videos through this software.
if you want advanced videos, you can use premiere.

if you need more