Manage Social Media Accounts

When social media is discussed, it’s normally talked about as one medium and considered as one of the most popular ways to promote business today.

Often business owners hear that they must have their business listed on “social media” sites. These would mainly include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus. Each requires a different way to build and you need to invest your time. That’s why many business owners are overwhelmed and give up before they even get started.

Question: How do you manage your social media accounts when it comes in promoting your business?

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Managing Social Media Accounts created by single user on multiple platform is a tactful job that requires a proper documentation.
We often do come across the issue of sharing our post on multiple platforms that help us to increase the numbers of visitors & reach a wide & large scale audience.
However, one should always be aware of the fact that sharing on multiple platform doesn’t conflicts with each other & shouldn’t disclose the privacy of the organization.

Best way to manage social account is to keep a track of the user name , email from which it is configured,password & respective sharing properly documented in excel sheets.

Thanks for sharing your ideas Raymond! :slight_smile:

I always do that. Fo rall of the social media accounts, I have created an spreadsheet where There is separate columns of

Target URL
Source URL
Source PR
Username Password
Email Id Used

Also, some times I will include the post titles if I have to share specifically some thing to ech in that case only I will mak ethat column. Else these are enough fo rme to maintain my accounts.
Email ID password

In case you’re having a hard time managing your post from your social media accounts you can also use tools to stay in track. Just like Hootsuite, this can help you schedule updates, assign tasks to your company’s social media managers and post and reply to content when it’s most convenient for you. With this, you can create and distribute your posts for the whole week in just a few minutes each day.

I manage my social media accounts by regular posting, targeting relevant fans, Proper replies of Customers.