Manage LinkedIn accounts for clients

I’ve had several requests from clients to set up and manage their LinkedIn Company Pages. After researching, I’m finding conflicting posts on whether LinkedIn allows Company Profiles or not. I THINK I understand that they allow only Company Pages and that they can only be created by one who is an employee, has a company email address ( and has set up more than 50% of his/her own profile. I have a company email address, since I manage other parts of their online marketing, but how do I handle setting up employee when I’m not officially an employee?

And, what would that do to my own LinkedIn account because I really work for another company?

Is anyone else doing this? How are you handling it?


Your client [or an employee on their team] will need to start the LinkedIn page process [you can always walk them through it] and claim the page at which point if they are connected to you via LinkedIn, they can assign you to it. This insures the company and not a third party always has control over their page and is how you should approach all social channels.