Linked in company pages

Hi all I’ve just created a linked in profile and then I went to set up a company page it didn’t let me. Is this because the service is down? Thanks

No, service is not down… Its just because, LinkedIn is not meant for promotional activities.

It is a social networking site for professionals. If you want to look for different people for business tie-ups, you can contact them through your own profile.

And for creating company page, why don’t you try with other networking websites like facebook, Google plus, twitter etc?

LinkedIn absolutely allows you to create a business page, post updates, product announcements and jobs to it. That’s the purpose of the site… to share information on your business as it relates to what partners, employees and prospects. Making it useful & relevant is of course what separates a good use from a spammy one but the tools are very much there to share your B2B message. Different audience, different purpose, but certainly a place to engage.

To create your page go to

If you don’t have an email it becomes a little more complex and of course if the company is already setup by another employee you will want to work with them to change who has claimed it.

LinkedIn does do service updates although they shouldn’t last more than a few hours.

Thanks Ted and gracias el zorro.

I went to that page to add my company:, but not succesful. I am advised by Linkedin:“We’re sorry that a new company cannot be created at this time. For further questions, please contact us using the Customer Service link at the bottom of this page.”. Do they stop the service? I don’t have an email, I use the company email.

So contact Linked In support using the link they provided. :slight_smile: