Make image appear in header / heading block

I’m customising a wordpress theme

So far, i’ve got this:

As you can see, it has the logo above the header.
Like this:

I want it to appear inside the main body
What I want it to appear like is:

Using my limited knowledge of CSS, and using firebug, i think the problem may lie with my “header” div.

Any ideas?

Hi, it’s hard to tell what you want because images aren’t approved yet, but if you mean removing the space from the logo and the rest of the document, try doing this

div#header .logo.uploaded
/remove the overflow:hidden property/
margin-bottom:0; /remove space/
height:auto /remove the height you have on it/

Thanks… that’s done part of what i need…

Try this:

See if that link works, that’s what i’m trying to achieve.

I’ve applied your CSS to the site now, so you can see what it looks like

If all you want now is to have the white background extend over (that’s the only difference I see between what you want, and how the site actually looks, add background:#FFF; to that div#header .logo.uploaded{} selector I used in my last post.

great, fixed it.
thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :). Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.