How i can add logo on header

hi friends

kindly tell me, how i can add code on CSS or header.php manually for inserting logo

logo details

158px*40px max

thanks, waiting

Where do you want it to go? Can you show an image of what the site will look like? here i want to add logo

In the footer? Header? I mean where exactly on the site. :wink:

header sir

Above the text? Below the text? C’mon, be specific! Perhaps show us a graphic of the final result you want.

sir , here you can see the demo of theme, which i am using, you can the text of Fortune (Logo ) on header at top left position

i want to replace this text on header > uptenlist > , hope it clear Logo url

sorry for inconvenience

OK, as a start, instead of this:

<a href="">[COLOR="#FF0000"]Most Interesting Top 10 List &#8211; UP TEN LIST[/COLOR]</a>

try this:

<a href="">[COLOR="#FF0000"]<img src="" alt="uptenlist">[/COLOR]</a>

Then either remove this from the HTML:

<div class="logoEnd"></div>

or add this to the CSS:

.logoEnd {display: none;}

thanks done