Looking for the best way to display my top members

I have a website that I manage that has membership levels. The top being Platinum. There are ten of these members and the previous site design had them displayed in a scrolling banner at the top which I think is not a good way to highlight these members since no one will really sit there in watch or interact with a banner that has 10 slides in it.

Any tips on giving these premium member equal exposure? I am a bit stumped.

Many thanks,

Is this scrolling banner visible on all pages? ie Do you want these Platinum members highlighted on all pages, or is there one particular page that is reserved for members?

I was thinking that you could possibly have a large footer using a card style of layout to show all of the platinum members at the same time.

Maybe have a small, clickable avatar for each member in a zig-zag fashion which is randomly displayed to prevent favouritism?

I don’t understand the zig-zag pattern that you are referring to. Is this a slider still or some static images?

Currently this banner is at the top of ALL pages. Not sure I want to keep that. These people are paying $1,000 a year so I definitely don’t want to put them in the footer.

A horizontal row of 5 avatars and below another set of avatars offset.


It would be more symmetrical to have 6 on the top and then five others.

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