Designing a menu

Hello. I could use some help in designing a menu.

The design I had in mind may be outdated - I don’t know?

When a member is logged in, above the top menu bar, on the right side, I was thinking of something like this…

MyCompany                                                Inbox | My Cart | eBooks | My Account | Log Out

Now a few questions that I’m not sure about…

1.) I was also thinking of having tiny icons above each menu choice just to give a visual clue. So “Inbox” might have an envelope, “My Cart” might be a shopping cart, and so on.

Would doing this be too much “bling” for a menu?

2.) When a user is not logged in, or they are just a visitor, this same menu has two buttons on the right: “Subscribe” and “Log In”

I like that design, and I am borrowing the design from other websites I have seen. However I’m not sure what to do when a person is logged in as in the example above.

You see, I also need an option for a logged in member to “Renew”, and following the design that I mention above, I was planning on having a “Renew” button so it is obvious for members how to do that.

But if I have a button along with plain hyperlinks, I am afraid things will look out of place.

MyCompany                                      << Renew >> | Inbox | My Cart | eBooks | My Account | Log Out

And if I make everything a button when a member is logegd in, I don’t think I have enough real estate to do that.

So what would be the best approach to address this issue?


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