How to display images?


I have 5 product images and they all need to display near the top of my clients homepage. I initially thought of doing a slideshow and rotate through all 5 but I don’t like the thought of them not all displaying at once. The photos are portrait and around 2:1 width-to-height ratio. So they are pretty tall for a portrait-orientation image, but I can crop a tiny bit if needed.

What are some ways I can display these images? It’s just static images.


Hi, Ryan.

I played with header layouts using 5 1:2 images and concluded that 5 images in a row worked best. They scaled together and remained adequately distinct at smartphone widths. The aspect ratio of 5 images across the top of the page worked out to 48:19 in my layout and was visually easy to follow - did not look like screen clutter. Simple, functional, not fancy. Guess it depends of the image detail needed to represent each product.


I’ve misspoken. The images are actually landscape not portrait. Can I claim it as a senior moment yet?

I say that because I’m not sure 5 landscape-ish images willl look all that good side-by-side in a row.


I’m sorta glad to hear that. The layout seemed too easy. 5 static landscape images is definitely more challenging. Sounds like a bit of animation would help, if permissible. I’ll get back with you in a while.

:nono: Not qualified. :tongue:


Then I’ll pull the millenial card and say it was an ADD moment :smiley: .