Looking for stock photos I can redistribute to clients


I want be able to provide my web design clients with access to a basic library of stock images that they can use on their websites.

I’m wanting mainly landscape/texture type images, or objects (e.g. tools, boxes, flowers, toys, etc.) rather than people photos, which tend to look cheesey.

I am just looking to offer a range of images to enhance the look of their pages.

I want to include the images somehow on my site that my clients only can access via their CMS install to add to their site.

e.g. something like what sites like Weebly or Yola would offer.

Are there stock libraries out there that I can redistribute that is not crazy expensive?

I don’t want to have to pay per client - looking for a redistribution license I guess.

Can anyone help with advice?


There are many microstock sites.

bigstock, istock, Stock Photography: Download Free Stock Photos & Royalty Free Images, shutterstock

Go through and read their licensing to see if any of them e=meet your requirements.

The cheapest way to get a collection of simple photos like that would be to get out your camera and take them yourself.