Expert Opinions Needed! I Need Help Setting A Price For A Website I Want To Sell

Hi everyone,

I’m not new to this forum but it has been a while since I was active here so please forgive me if I jump straight in.

Right then, I’ll get straight to the point…I’ve never sold a site before, and I have a site that is PR4 (internal pages ranked up to a PR3), it has an attached blog extension that carries a PR2. The site is nearly 5 years old. Combined the two have had 140,000 visitors in the last 12 months, however they are currently on 20,000+ combined a month.

I have hardly touched the site for 9 months and have still made $2,607 through ClickBank, Advertising and my own e-book. The site is in the highly competitive Spanish language market and has hundreds of Google page 1 pages/posts.

Right then you experts…what do you reckon on price? Or do you need more information and if so what?

cheers Dan

Do you have an email list of potential customers and another of customers? What size are any lists that you have? How often have you been contacting them in the last 1 month and the last 1 year?

Thanks for the reply Matt,

I have 4 email lists, combined they add up to 1202 subscribers. This goes up by 2 or 3 a day, I used to get up to 25 subscribers a day when I was offering a freebie but decided I didn’t want to pay to have a list where the majority of subscribers were freeloaders! There is a 10 day email sequence that follows every subscription. I only contact subscribers when I have a promotion to offer the last time I did this was in May this year.