Super simple shopping cart software?

Hi all,

I’ve set my girlfriend up with an online store using OpenCart - it’s okay, and the actual experience for the user seems to be quite nice, but the back end can be a nightmare to manage beyond adding products (even that is unnecessarily complex)

She’s been using Etsy to sell her products so far, and wants to create something similar for her own page, but also wanted some extras such as a scrolling carousel with products on the home page etc and it doesn’t seem possible with OpenCart without installing lots of extra customisations

Is there any web software out there that’s really easy to use? Both for the users and the back-end stuff. She’s not too worried about complex functionality ala Magento, just something that you can get great results without having to delve too heavily into the technical stuff.

Thanks :slight_smile:

you can try PrestaShop, I used oscommerse, magento and opencart etc. but I like PrestaShop.

There are many of the shopping carts now a days , according to me , Magento , Os commerce, zen cart, and x-cart are some of the finest carts for shopping , so you can go for that also.

[FONT=Verdana]xkratosx isn’t asking which carts people like or prefer, but which would be the easiest to set up and use, whilst providing the required functionality, in this specific situation.

Any more general replies will be removed as fluff. [/FONT]

You might consider a third party cart like FoxyCart. This means that you have toptal freedom over how you setup your sales pages, because you write your own HTML, CSS, JS etc.

i’m used to .net nuke, it’s free and easy use. just try it

We are versed in X-cart, Magento and Pinnaclecart. However, for a simple shopping cart, you may want to look at which is made by the makers of X-cart. It’s meant to be a super quick, easy shopping cart to set up.