Can anybody recommend the best shopping cart software?

We are <snip></snip> and we are now using oscommerce but we found out it is not seo friendly. Can anybody recommend seo friendly shopping cart.


There are loads of threads on this subject, doing search might help. I prefer CS-Cart or Magento.

Try researching some previous threads… and have a look at JShop Server, we are using them for our online store and the service has been outstanding.

You are approaching this the wrong way and considering the core osCommerce install the “full cart”. It’s not it. Proceed to the osCommerce contribution section and search for free SEO related contributions there, then upgrade your cart accordingly.

I think most open source shopping carts have seo plugins or addons that will give you the benefit of self urls.

How can we recommend an e-commerce solution if we don’t know what your needs are?

  • How many products?
  • Downloadable products?
  • Shipping calculation? Which providers?
  • What kind of payment processing?
  • Inventory management? By product or attribute/option (i.e. color/size)
  • Other features you need? Coupons, affiliate program, content management, SEO, dropshipping integration, order management, etc?

Give us a little more to work with, please :slight_smile:

I’m using Virtuemart. It took me some time to learn it and set it up, but now I’m pretty pleased with it.

There are also easy and affodable plug and play solutions that you dont need to put down months of work setting up yourself.