Looking for perfect membership plugin

I have been looking into a few membership plugins but cant seem to find one that fits the bill. Membership by iThemes has come close but they do not offer a way to notify members by email when their membership is about to expire.

So here is my criteria.

  • Registration form with PayPal integration
  • System will send emails to members letting them know when there membership is expiring. (up to 3 before it actually expires)
  • Allow the member to login and view and edit their profile
  • Restrict certain pages of the website to members only
  • Ability to download and display a list of members (to member sonly of course)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

I’ve just been through the process of setting something similar up.

I’m not sure what your budget is for plugins, but you can achieve what you’re after with a combination of these Wordpress plugins:

  • WooCommerce — free (basis for handling all payments, purchases, etc)
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions — $199 (handles the membership with integration for PayPal)
  • Groups — free (restrict pages to specific member groups)
  • Groups WooCommerce — $79 (automatically assign users to specific member groups when their subscription status changes)
  • Follow Up Emails — $99 (schedule emails based on renewal dates, etc)

There’s a bit of work involved in setting it up, and customising it to suit your specific needs, but it would handle most of what you’re after.

Ability to download and display a list of members (to member sonly of course)

I’m not sure of any plugins that would do this, but it wouldn’t be difficult to write a simple function for a shortcode in Wordpress to display this information.

Kirkbread, thank you for all that info. That will be most helpful. Just FYI, as for displaying member lists and their meta fields, a plugin called amr users is great. I just used it on another site.

WordPress Membership Plugins @ https://wordpress.org/plugins/membership/


I’ve used memberpress before and had great luck with it. Maybe try looking into that?

Membership by wpmudev looks great but they do not support extra meta fields for user registration which I definitely need. So now I am looking into s2member. interface is not as slick as Membership, but supports meta fields for the members.

Willerble, i will take a look at memberpass too and see what they have to offer. Thank you for that suggestion.

Many thanks,

Wishlist Member lets you do all of that, I believe: http://member.wishlistproducts.com/

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